Interview with Sylvie MOISON –  General Manager of LIGÉPACK

Interview with Sylvie MOISON – General Manager of LIGÉPACK

  1. Can you briefly describe your role and the activities of Ligépack?

Ligépack is a food packaging innovation platform. Our organisation counts more than 70 members: large corporations and SMEs, food or packaging manufacturers – all materials. These include Andros, Ardagh, LDC, Fleury Michon, Coteaux nantais, Maison Prunier, Europlastiques and Helios for example.

In addition to monitoring, supporting and advising companies, we aim to have our members change the customer / supplier relationship through collaborative R&D projects to develop together new methods, new experiments, new packaging. These projects concern such matters as permeability, microwaveability and of course the recyclability of packaging.

  1. This year, Ligépack joined the CNE as a member of its 9th college (other companies and associations): could you explain what mobilizes Ligépack to support the CNE and its actions?

Ligépack, like the CNE, is neutral regarding packaging materials as long as they fulfil the expected functional requirements: for example, we are neither “pro” nor “anti” plastic. Joining and collaborating with the CNE – in particular via its working groups – gives us a broader perception of the packaging world, its evolutions and emerging trends by providing us the views of consumer associations or the cosmetics industry for example.

  1. Your region, Pays de la Loire, is very active for its economic development. How the CNE can contribute to support the actions of Ligépack associated with the region?

It is true that the Pays de la Loire region supports a number of structures linked to innovation and R&D and encourages us to work better together to further promote innovation. For instance, Ligépack is leading a working group with Nova Child and Cap Aliment Valorial to improve children’s food products. Refunds will be made to our members and partners to launch new collaborative projects.

In addition, the Pays de la Loire Region is completing the implementation of a “Circular Economy” action plan in which we are involved for issues relating to waste reduction and recovery, the role of the consumer-actor, the promotion of ecodesign, etc. The CNE could be involved in the events, discussions and guidelines that we will be carrying out in association with the Pays de la Loire region.

  1. The CNE is listening to your members, could you identify one or two CNE working group topics that could mobilize them?

Today, food packaging is too often relayed by the press as a vector of cancer, endocrine disruption and pollution, completely concealing its essential role, which is to enable food to be transported and preserved hygienically and the efforts made by companies. I think that a study conducted on the tonnage of fruit and vegetables that would have been thrown away if they had not been prepared and packaged for a fresh corner sale could increase the popularity of packaging.

The impact of extending sorting instructions to improve the recyclability of packaging obviously remains a good topic.

In addition, packaging was processed through the sale in supermarkets, drive, bulk. The phenomenon of “ready to do kits” also appears, whether in the food or household sector: is this a strong trend? Which packaging solutions should be developed to meet the needs of this market? Is there a room to set up a working group? Perhaps the CNE could help us answer that question.

  1. Do you have any suggestions for partnerships to increase the visibility of the CNE’s actions?

The CNE invites us to participate in the various events or working groups it sets up. We will act reciprocally and will take more care to communicate the solicitations and publications of the CNE to our members.

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