ALL4PACK Paris: The global marketplace for Packaging, Processing, Printing & Handling

Here’s the latest news from ALL4PACK Paris, the global marketplace for Packaging, Processing, Printing & Handling to be held from 23 to 26 November 2020 at Paris Nord Villepinte. 

ADF (Aerosols & Dispensing Forum) & PCD (Packaging des parfums, cosmétiques & Design) Rendez-vous at the heart of innovation on January 29th and January 30th 2020 at the Porte de Versailles! With a legacy of 12 and 14 editions respectively in Paris, ADF (Aerosols & Dispensing Forum) and PCD (Packaging of perfumes, cosmetics & design) will bring together 20% more innovative companies with 450 international packaging suppliers to take stock of innovations, technical advances and packaging trends. 6,500 brand experts from 70 countries are expected, including directors from packaging, innovation, R&D, development, purchasing and marketing departments.

ADF&PCD et PLD 2020 :

29 and 30 Janvier 2020 à PARIS Porte de Versailles.

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AMERIPEN represents the North American market, furthering the best use of the role, benefits and functions of packaging in society, such as protection of products and the environment and supplying information to and meeting the needs of consumers and customers. AMERIPEN strives to promote fact- and science-based decision-making in order to advocate for a future where all production, distribution, and consumption are sustainable.Using sound science, AMERIPEN develops positions on issues related to packaging and the environment for purposes of stakeholder dialogue and governmental interaction. These issues include the environmental impact, marketing, sourcing, manufacture, and distribution of packaging throughout its lifecycle.
AMERIPEN engages and collaborates with existing industry organizations to leverage their expertise in areas of:
analyzing the environmental and social effects of packaging – creating a better understanding of the role of packaging – minimizing the environmental impact of packaging


ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel company, with operations in more than 60 countries.

Carton Ondulé de France

Cercle National du Recyclage


Citeo is a not-for-profit company founded from the merger of Eco-Emballages and Ecofolio with a view to reduce the environmental impact of packaging and paper. 250 committed, passionate Citeo employees work to help companies find solutions to their recycling problems, advising them on environmental responsibility, optimizing low-cost sorting and recycling procedures and motivating the public to adopt user-friendly effective sorting

 We are proud to be a partner of The Citeo Circular Challenge. Since 2016, over 700 projects across the entire worlwide circular economy value chain have been identified! Register here to be the next one



The professional packaging organizations combined in the Clife to tackle the common issues of the packaging industry.

The Clife has to ensure a regular exchange of information on all questions of common interest related to the packaging industry and the context in which it is developing, take measures to inform, promote or defend the interests shared by the packaging industry and serve as a link between the packaging industry and the different external partners.


The French Union of Industries of Paper, Board and Cellulose (COPACEL) is a trade association representing the French companies producing pulp, paper and paperboard. COPACEL gathers 75 companies, employing more than 14,000 people with a total turnover of nearly 6.5 billion euros.

COPACEL represents the French Paper Industry for all its aspects, and all grades produced (paper and cardboard packaging, graphic papers, sanitary papers, industrial and specialty papers, pulp), raw materials used (wood, recovered paper and cardboard), and the size of companies (SMEs and subsidiaries of large groups).

Éco Entreprise Québec

 Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) is a private non-profit organization that represents the companies that place containers, packaging and printed matter on the market in Québec in their responsibility to finance the costs of effective and efficient municipal curbside recycling services.

As an expert, ÉEQ optimizes the curbside recycling value chain and implements innovative approaches with a view to sustainable development and circular economy. 


ELIPSO (French Plastic and Flexible Packaging Association)

Elipso’s members are plastic packaging and flexible packaging manufacturers, recycling companies and logistics firms. Elipso’s goal is to promote the plastic and flexible packaging industry, with the belief that company’s individual performance benefits from a collective approach.

EUROPEN (The European Organization for Packaging and the Environment)

The European Organization for Packaging and the Environment est une organisation industrielle et commerciale européenne, ouverte à toute société intéressée par le domaine de l’emballage et des produits emballés.


Set up in 1952, EUROSAC is the association of the European paper sack manufacturers for the promotion and development of the paper sack industry in Europe.

National federation of French families (Fédération Nationale Familles de France)

The “National federation of French families” association was founded in 1921, before being state-approved by decree on May 14th 1935. It is recognized as a national consumer organization, a national association for popular education, a national training center, and an association recognized by the Department of Education as complementary to public education by the Department of Education.

Its goal is to “defend the material and ethical interests of families”.

For over 125 years, FEBEA (« Fédération des Entreprises de la Beauté ») the French Federation for Beauty Companies has served professionals in the cosmetic industry (perfume, skin care, make-up, personal care products and toiletries, hair products…). We are the unique official trade union in the cosmetic industry for manufacturers operating in France. We bring together over 300 members (82% small/medium-sized companies and 18% large corporations and multinationals) responsible for 90% of the industry’s turnover.

FEDEREC est le syndicat professionnel des Entreprises du Recyclage. Créée en 1945, FEDEREC fédère 1 250 entreprises de recyclage, de la TPE au grand groupe, répartis sur l’ensemble du territoire français et dont l’activité consiste à la collecte, le tri, la valorisation matière des déchets industriels et ménagers ou le négoce/courtage de matières premières recyclées. FEDEREC est structurée en 13 filières et 8 Syndicats régionaux.

Fédération de la Plasturgie

FNE (France Nature Environnement)

The FNE group represents a citizen movement that gathers around 3000 associations for the protection of nature and the environment, in France and its overseas territories. With this large territorial network, it can always sound the alarm when the environment is endangered.

Founded in 1968 and state-approved since 1976, France Nature Environnement is a non-profit organization, independent of any company, authority, political or religious.


France Aluminium Recyclage, in cooperation with Eco-Emballages, guarantees the re-using of aluminum packaging waste, after it has been collected by the local authorities. France Aluminium Recyclage helps local authorities to estimate their potential and develop their aluminum collection project, whether by selective collection and sorting, or after incineration. France Aluminium Recyclage helps choosing the necessary equipment, developing a method and implementing it (monitoring, assessment). France Aluminium Recyclage informs and trains the persons concerned by this approach.


The GEPPIA is a french trade association for food processing and packaging OEMs. It represents more than 90 companies.

The Geppia’s aim is to unite them to help them develop their synergisms, their technical, economical and commercial performances.

ILEC (French Consumer Industries Liaison and Studies Institute)

The French Consumer Industries Liaison and Institute, founded in 1959, is a non-profit-making organization. It gathers some of the biggest groups that sell nationally and internationally well-known brand products. These companies are present in all the major food and non-food production sectors and share the same concern for excellence in innovation, manufacturing and consumer service.


INCPEN is a research organisation, which draws together an influential group of companies who share a vision of the future where all production, distribution, and consumption are sustainable.


INDP : Institut National du Design Packaging

Interlocuteur privilégié de l’ensemble des acteurs de la création packaging, l’Institut National du Design Packaging est une association loi 1901 créée par des professionnels de l’emballage. Seul organisme fédérateur de la filière qu’il représente, il a pour vocation de contribuer au développement des activités de création et de design liées à la fabrication d’emballages, de faire reconnaître et de valoriser les pratiques de création industrielle, de favoriser les rencontres et les échanges dans le but, notamment, d’anticiper les tendances et de favoriser l’innovation.

Japan Packaging Institute

With the doctrine of “Challenging the future of packaging by means of originality and ingenuity”, the juridical foundation, Japan Packaging Institute, has been promoting the rationalization of production and distribution as well as consumption through improvement and elevation of the packaging technique and thereby contributing to the progress of Japan’s economy.

The results of such efforts range broad from the investigation and research of packaging to the preparation and formulation of standards, the holding of study meetings, seminars, assemblies, symposiums, etc., the fostering of capable packaging specialists, the sending and acceptance of observation groups to and from overseas and so forth. All of these results have highly been evaluated in various industreis.

It is expected that the internationalization of Japan’s economy will more and more be enhanced and packages of better quality and lower costs will become important in all stages including distribution . At the same time, such specialists as may be able to consider the problem of packaging based on all fields of enterprise management, distribution and production, will be essential to settle the above-mentioned problems.

Korea Environment Corporation - KPRC

K-eco aims to contribute to eco-friendly development of Korea through the effective operation of greenhouse gas reduction programs to prevent environmental pollution, improve the environment, facilitate resource recycling and respond to climate change. (Law No.11446, the K-eco Act) 

Laboratoire National de métrologie et d'Essais - LNE

By developing new measurement techniques and methods and applying them via appropriate standards in all spheres of daily life, LNE plays a key role in promoting a more competitive economy and a safer society. This core activity covers five key spheres – research and technology transfer, testing and calibration, technical assistance, certification, training and informing – and addresses the five major priorities: safety and health, environmental impact, performance, product reliability, and cost control.

MEDDTL (French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing)

Website of the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing


PEFC is an international NGO whose goal is to preserve forests, to guarantee respect for those who live there, work there and walk there, but also to sustain the forest resource to meet human wood needs today and for the future.

PIK PIK Environnement

PIK PIK ENVIRONNEMENT Non profit Association, of general interest, which aims at the education in the eco-citizenship and in the urban environment


Association founded by the paperboard packaging industry, is in charge of the management of its commitments concerning the management of the end of life of paperboard packaging and particularly household packaging within the ERP system (Eco-Emballages / Adelphe).

SNFBM (Syndicat National des Fabricants de Boites emballages et bouchages Métalliques)

The SNFBM is a professional trade union set up in 1915. Its members are manufacturers of metal boxes, packaging and bottle caps and stoppers. Metal packaging means rigid steel or aluminum packaging, designed for household consumption.

TCGF (The Consumer Goods Forum)


Valorplast organizes the recycling of plastic bottles collected by local authorities in France. It operates within the framework of the French household packaging waste management system, run by companies authorized by Eco-Emballages and Adelphe.


Verre Avenir is the Communication Department of the French Mechanical Glassworks Union.Set up in 1980, its mission is to promote glass packaging and its recycling among the public, inform local authorities on all aspects of recycling, provide them the communication tools they need, organize special operations to improve people’s knowledge of recycling and encourage them to recycle glass packaging by following quality instructions and run the network of regional delegates created by the glass manufacturers.


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