Interview of the laureates of our Emballé 5.0 competition – 2019 Flavia BABILLON, Alexis CAJDLER, Nolwenn GUYOT, Charlène RAYMOND

Interview of the laureates of our Emballé 5.0 competition – 2019 Flavia BABILLON, Alexis CAJDLER, Nolwenn GUYOT, Charlène RAYMOND


  1. In a few words, could each of you tell us about this experience?

 Flavia BABILLON :

Every step of this experience was very rewarding. Creating our group, going through research phases, the first prototypes… to the finals!

 Alexis CAJDLER :

I matured a lot during the competition, especially when it comes to teamwork. Having the opportunity to present our own project in front of so many professionals was a rewarding experience. During our research we understood some environmental stakes and we were thus able to develop our creativity.

 Nolwenn GUYOT :

This experience was rewarding because we were able to share an idea that answered a societal problem that we have at heart.

Winning this competition strengthens our belief that our project could be of interest and useful to everyone.

 Charlène RAYMOND :

It was very stressful, especially the ceremony. Afterwards though, we were able to create connections with the classmates and the CNE, the professionals and our teachers were proud and grateful.

  1. Did Emballé 5.0 give you the opportunity to think differently while exploring all the possibilities to bring innovation to packaged products? If so, what do you take away from it?

During this competition we could focus on the eco-design of packaging while both creating a fun and smart packaging and answering current environmental problems.

By going into the field and analyzing individuals’ consumption pattern – we went to a pizzeria – we were able to draw conclusions that allowed us to move forward with our project and adapt it at best.

  1. Would you advise students graduating from high school to embark on the Emballé 5.0 adventure? If so, why? What is the interest of taking part in the competition of the CNE?

Of course! The competition is very instructive both from intellectual and personal perspectives. Creating an entire project from scratch with a team and presenting it in front of some one hundred professionals of the packaging industry, answering technical questions… It is a way to have a better insight of our entry into the professional world, to gain more self-confidence and trust in our ideas.

The Emballé 5.0 competition makes one realize that creativity has to be worked on.

It offers students the opportunity to have their work recognized by professionals.

This competition also enables students to learn about current or future trends as well as different existing issues, in order to solve them.

  1. Would you have any suggestions for us concerning the organization of the competition?

The competition was very well organized, and the instructions were very clear. We were supported by professionals and our teachers from the beginning until the end.

We were warmly received in Paris and put at ease during the finals. The presentations went very well, everything ran smoothly.

Perhaps spending more time together at the end of the diploma ceremony, by having questions and answers between students and professionals.

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