Interview of Jean BLOTTIÈRE – General Delegate of the French Committee of Aerosols (CFA)

Interview of Jean BLOTTIÈRE – General Delegate of the French Committee of Aerosols (CFA)

  1. In a few words, could you describe your role and the activities of the CFA?   

My role is that of an orchestra conductor for the professional association that the CFA represents. The musicians are represented by all the professionals of the aerosol dispenser sector: packagers, brand owners, suppliers of components, products, raw material, technology or services. The CFA is the baseline national authority. It is the interlocutor of institutions and administrations on all subjects related to aerosol dispensers.

This is what the score would be:
  • 1 Increasing the visibility of the CFA for the French state powers and influencing authorities. The position of the CFA could thus be heard and considered in all legislative and draft decrees, decisions, circulars and statements involving aerosol dispensers.
  • 2 Expanding its expertise to all levels of the sector – designing, manufacturing, shipping, storage, marketing, consuming and end of life – to initiate relevant changes.
  • 3 Contributing actively to all works and issues dealt with at European level by the FEA – legislation, standards, good practices guides – to make French initiatives and specificities heard and ensure that they are taken into account.
  • 4 Expanding the number of its members by promoting its attractiveness
  • 5 Implementing new methods to brief its members, train their collaborators and inform stakeholders at national level.
  • 6 Increasing the number of actions aimed at informing consumers.
  1. This year, the CFA joined the French Packaging Council (CNE) as a member of its 9th college (other firms and associations): could you explain what encourages the CFA to support the CNE and its actions?

In the past, the CFA – as invited expert on the specificity of aerosol dispensers – occasionally took part in the work of the CNE. As opposed to some organizations, we do not represent one sector or a unique material. We are a cross-sectional industry, experts in a complex packaging form. A packaging form both very regulated and very appreciated by developers and consumers for its ease of use, safety and recyclability. The aerosol dispenser industry is in constant innovation, which involves important aspects that are addressed by the CNE (packaging essentials, claims, labelling, end of life, circular economy).

Synergies are there and the CNE, through its members and its network, makes it possible to organize forums for discussion and exchange that drive issues forward and raise awareness.

  1. You actively took part in CNE’s workshop “Recycled materials and packaging: state of play, assets, obstacles, stakes and perspectives”.

  • What do you think of the moderation of this workshop and of the published paper?

I was very happy to participate in my first CNE workshop. I really appreciated the range of participants. Finding consensus when so many different interests are represented is hard, but I think that all in all, all participants were able to make a contribution. The published document has the merit of summarizing the issues discussed in group.

  • Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

Having successive sessions interspersed by reviewing is not easy to set up, especially when the time given to finalize a document is short. My suggestion, if I may, would be to separate the reviewing groups into sub-groups.

  1. The CNE is attentive to its members. Which are the key issues, emergent or not, that the CNE could investigate as part of its upcoming workshops?

I cannot think of any particular issue that is not already addressed by the CNE, either through statements or advice cards. In my opinion, it is important to have a group that focuses on foresight, as I suggested in the strategy of the CFA. Where will we be in 10, 20 years, or even further than that? In a way, we should put ourselves in the shoes of a Kodak firm that should have broadened its vision and anticipated digital technologies.

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