The CNE launches its  mornings, with the support of ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency).

The CNE launches its mornings, with the support of ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency).

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Following the recent publication of our new ECO-DESIGN and PACKAGING methodological guide (downloadable in the online Library), we are organizing mornings of meetings to explain the CNE’s ECO-DESIGN approach to experts interested in the topic:



Teachers, trainers, consulting engineers, consultants, designers, media, public authorities, etc. in the fields of eco-design, life-cycle assessment,

sustainability, prevention, reduction at the source…

These meetings (free of charge) are organized with the support of ADEME and with the participation of ECO-EMBALLAGES and APEDEC.


Boosted by the success of the first 3 mornings (more than 60 experts in attendance), we will continue with the sole intention of sharing best practices.


Eco-design is often perceived as a flexible topic and these mornings have been the occasion to establish a fruitful dialogue between experts on the following themes:

  • The opportunities and challenges in the eco-design of packaging, seen by companies,
  • The know-how or How to communicate about one’s efforts in the eco-design of packaging?
  • Eco-design: What I need to get it right (tools, methods, data bases, processes, etc.) ?
  • Eco-design and consumers: Key points for an effective communication
  • Companies and Eco-design of packaging: Option or obligation? (corporate engagement)
  • Measuring eco-design: Which Key Performance Indicators to select to measure eco-design?
  • Eco-design: How to accelerate the spreading of this process to all companies (SMBs especially)?
  • How to lift the constraints to implementing a real eco-design of packaging.
  • Eco-design and consumers: The perception of the user/consumer. What themes would catch his/her attention and increase his/her engagement?

The next morning of meetings will take place the 29th of January 2013. Please do not hesitate to contact us ( to register: it is free of charge and space is limited.

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