Packaging reduction, a major issue for sustainable consumption:

Packaging reduction, a major issue for sustainable consumption:

Eco-emballages implements the cne packaging reduction indicator.

Sustainable consumption is a major society goal. The “Grenelle” law has defined a municipal waste reduction target of 7%. Consumers expect reliable information on entreprises efforts towards a reduced packaging. More than 50% of the people think there is too much packaging (Sofres 2010), and most of them have not identified the effort of companies to reduce packaging. Consumers are ready to sort more, but they need to be convinced of industry effort.

24_Pic01“Act for packaging reduction, while preserving its functions, is fundamental. As fundamental is to let people know what has been achieved by companies, to help market codes evolve, and help consumers in their choice” Jan Le Moux, Packaging Prevention of Eco-Emballages, says.


In this context, Eco-Emballages implements the packaging reduction indicator. This indicator will be the tool to achieve the ambitious goal of the packaging value chain, defined by the “Grenelle” law, and recalled during the agreement process of Eco-Emballages.


It is based on the declaration and validation of individual cases of packaging reduction implemented by the companies.


To this purpose, Eco-Emballages announces the launching of an internet site where to declare packaging best practices. This web site will be an operational tool for stakeholders and for companies, whatever the position in the company is. Indeed, this site will allow

To benefit from the caution of the Green Dot for products, concerning packaging eco-design

To benefit from the new bonus in the Green Dot fee for Green Dot licensees

To identify ecodesign actions through the new web based best practices catalog

To benefit from media partnerships with Eco-Emballages

To quantify packaging reduction performance, according a methodology in compliance with general accepted sustainability reporting principles

To participate to the Green Dot awards

To fulfil the expectations of consumers and clients about sustainable packaging



The methodology of the indicator is based on CNE prevention indicators. It has been audited, validated by the French EPA, and it complies with the European prevention standard EN 13428. It is a shared standard, which did not exist up to now.


Eco-Emballages people can help companies implement and document the first cases. Do not hesitate to contact your usual contact. A mail hotline is also available:


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