Focus on two preventive action cases in 2011

Focus on two preventive action cases in 2011

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As part of its initiatives for sustainable development, the international association for soap, detergent and maintenance products (AISE in the French abbreviation) encouraged its members to compact their detergents.

After compacting the product, Procter & Gamble managed to make detergent packaging smaller for brands such as Ariel, Dash, Gama and Bonux. They suggested the initiative to the CNE as a prevention case.


In France, the overall annual reductions reached 1109 tons and the equivalent volume of 930 trucks (i.e. more than 30.000 pallets).


As for Yoplait, they redesigned their range of yoghurt pots: the cardboard used for the packaging of 4 yoghurts was removed and was reduced for the packaging of 12 and 16 yoghurts (see the above pictures). Thanks to these changes, 355 tons of cardboard were saved.


These initiatives on yoghurt packaging illustrate the good practices the CNE had identified and recommended for prevention in the 2010 publication “prevention to bring change in practices”, that you can find on the website in the documentation section.


Full-length versions of these prevention cases are available for consultation on our website. Please, tell us about your initiatives for prevention by downloading our application file here.

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