In October 2012, following the publication of this document: “Environmental claims on product packaging: the CNE’s stance and recommendations”, the French Packaging Council  (here mentioned as CNE) created its own committee of experts on “environmental claims”.

The latest aims to help companies to write about environmental claims about packaging issues and to be on the lookout for any environmental claim non-compliant with the regulation or good practices.

With this document, the CNE sheds light on the global editorial practices about environmental claims in order to guide economic players. The CNE recalls that those same players must first refer to the expertise of the internal service competent on the subject as they have knowledge of regulations, norms and good practices (including those redacted by the CNE).

This document is a revision of the 2012’s version and replaces it: thus, it reprises all cases the environmental claims committee has had to process and anonymises them in order to draw the necessary conclusions.

These environmental claims on packaging are classified in 4 themes and 10 sub-themes:

  1. Packaging design
  2. Resources used in packaging development processes
  3. Information rendering to the end user, to the consumer
  4. Packaging end-of-life


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