Companies’ testimonials

Companies’ testimonials

Two companies give us their point of view on this topic: Patrice Zirotti from Auchan (retailer) and Hervé Billot from Les Brasseurs de Gayant (Breweries).



Patrice ZIROTTI – Pack and productivity engineer

« Auchan Production Alimentaire with support of the environment directorate has chosen to participate in Eco-Emballages initiative. We wanted to make our eco-design efforts we have implemented since 2004 better known. We have therefore submitted several packaging reduction actions to the packaging reduction indicator, including our paper tissue which switched to maxi-rolls, allowing 180 tons of packaging material reduction in a year. If our eco-design methodologies are well known – those are included in actual individual targets of Auchan people – submission of our actions allowed us to gather in a same place information that was disseminated across the company and suppliers. Packaging reduction indicator allows us to be more rigorous in our way of doing, and provide visibility and credibility to our realizations”.


Les Brasseurs de Gayant

Hervé Billot, Supply manager:

« We submitted our action to Eco-Emballages’ packaging reduction indicator since we wanted to reduce our environmental impact, especially at the level of packaging and logistics. We had already begun to identify packaging reduction opportunities by reducing the weight of our beer glass bottles from 175 grams to 145 grams. Then Eco-Emballages helped us deepen our eco-design action by documenting the work achieved to date and by helping define new objectives. Our efforts covered three main issues: pack optimization, transportation of supply, and transportation of finished products. In one year, packaging reduction is amazing: 270 tons of glass, 7.5 tons of metals, 2 tons of cardboard and 2 tons of plastics. By reducing the environment impact of our company, we will avoid over 270 tons of packaging each year, without disturbing our consumers’ habits. With the support of Eco-Emballages, Les Brasseurs de Gayant has identified new opportunities, like reducing empty bottles delivery distances.”

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